A true Underbelly story

Do not think for one instant that a life of crime
is glamorous and exciting. It is not. It is a life
of degradation, dishonesty, misery, violence
and loss of liberty.

- Diamond Jim

It has been more than thirty years since the Mr Asia drug syndicate came apart, when the mutilated body of Martin Johnstone was found dumped in a quarry in England. The members of the syndicate were responsible for a string of dead bodies all over the world and the importation of hundreds of kilograms of heroin and marijuana into Australia, New Zealand and Britain – and they made tens of millions of dollars doing it.

In this never-before-heard story from the only surviving senior member of the syndicate, James Shepherd tells of Mr Asia's rise and fall in gritty, uncompromising detail. James was named by the 1983 Stewart Royal Commission as second in charge of the Mr Asia drug sydnicate, and was given a twenty-five year sentence for his role. The long years spent in jail contemplating the misery and deaths caused by the sydnicate convinced him that the full story needed to be told - as a warning to others, if nothing else.

The result is as fascinating as it is horrifying. It's the real insider's account of the multi-million dollar, kill-or-be-killed world of our most notorious international drug syndicate.



© 2010 James Shepherd

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